Slow Computers

Many people complain of a slow computer or it’s just not right. At Engadine IT, we specialize is giving a no-fuss answer to your tech needs. Get in touch with us today for a no obligation answer to your tech issue.


Have you been infected with a virus? We can help by providing a flat rate for fixing your laptop and providing you with some invaluable security tips to keep you safe online.

Backup plans

Did you know backing up your important information isn’t as complex as it seems? Most people dread the idea of losing files and the idea that setting up a backup plan is just as frustrating. Depending on what you use and what’s important to you we can help you protect your digital memories for many years to come.

Connectivity issues

Do you have iPad, Laptop, Mac or PC? We can recommend solutions that make sense and will keep all your devices connected and working for years to come.